10 Facts and Statistics to Consider For Your Holiday Customer Support Strategy [Infographic]

For most retailers across industries, the holiday season promises increased sales revenue. Some retailers start their holiday promotions as early as October to capture the early birds. However, many people still end up buying last-minute gifts.

Today’s consumers know they have more choices, especially during the holidays. To improve your chances of raking in top sales figures this holiday season, here are more stats and facts you need to know to improve your Christmas season promotions.



Make It Truly the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The surge in customer volume and spending also come with an increase in customer feedback and complaints. When training staff for the holiday season madness, it’s important to employ best practices in both online and offline feedback.

With the right strategies and best practices, your customer support team can turn customer complaints into compliments and data for further improvements for customer support services.

Business should take the holiday season as a chance to improve their operations and hone in on what their customers want. It’s also a good time to analyze the changes in both purchasing habits and demands. Learnings from the holiday season operations can help improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction in the long run.