The Cost of IT Support Downtime in A Business [Infographic]

Business operations greatly involve processing and managing large amounts of data, which is why server speed and efficiency level significantly affect a business performance. Having a good IT infrastructure ensures business continuity and protection against cyber attacks, which can make or break a business.
IT downtime does not just lead to operational nuances, but also to large amounts of money lost. In a Ponemon Institute report, researchers found that the average cost of data center downtime across the industries was about $5,600 per minute. Meanwhile, for IT downtime incident length, the average was 90 minutes, which had an average cost of about $505,500 per incident.
Apart from the huge losses, IT downtime also affects business performance and employee productivity, which results in lost time and resources. It also greatly affects your business image and customer experience.
Here are more IT downtime statistics you need to know:
Merlin-IT Support Downtime-infographics

Preparation is Key

Preparing for the worst always helps businesses prevent the worst things that could happen.  As downtime is a serious issue, companies should not only come up with a disaster recovery plan but also make investments like outsourcing IT services to avoid it.